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Biot and the Surrounding Area

Biot is an unspoiled medieval town with charming streets and old, well-preserved houses.

There are many cozy restaurants in all price classes. Good shopping possibilities for basic groceries and there are many shops with local arts and crafts.
The town is known for it’s ceramics and pottery workshops, glass-blowing and the Fernand Léger Museum. Tennis courts, mini-golf and a large dolphinarium are nearby. For the golf enthusiasts, there are many good and well-known golf courses in a range of 30 minutes of driving.

It’s a 3 km drive to the Mediterranean with excellent beaches and good conditions for swimming. On your way, you will pass a water park with slides which is suitable for children. Along the coast there are many charming marinas with good restaurants and cafes.
There are many art exhibitions and cultural opportunities in the surrounding towns. The Chagall and Matisse Art Museums are in Nice and there is an exhibition of Picasso’s ceramic work in Antibes. The Maeght Foundation has an impressive collection of modern art in St. Paul. The exhibition is supplemented by various exhibitions of newer works.
Arriving by plane at the Airport in Nice, the following drive to Biot is about 15 minutes. Traveling by car your drive is about 1600 kilometers from Hamburg.

High season is in July and August. For those not dependent on these months for their holidays, visiting the area during periods out of season may be a pleasant alternative. The weather is still very good and you stay clear of major crowds of tourists.
The weather is warm enough in May, June and September,October to swim in the Mediterranean and have lunch outdoors at the many sidewalk restaurants.

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